Draft API — Feedback welcome!

Posted by Raymond Penners on 2024-04-01

The work on adding API support to django-allauth has reached a point where it is sufficiently complete for a first version to be published and discussed. As APIs, once released, tend to be set in stone, it is important that any major issues are ironed out in this phase.


The good — The current status is that all functionality is covered, the API endpoints, paths, request bodies and responses are all specified. Additionally, as I don't believe in designing an API without making your hands dirty, a proof of concept React app has been developed putting the API to the test.

The bad — The dots on the ı are still missing. The API specification needs more overall documentation, explanations and examples, and most definitely a thorough review. The current backend facilitating the React app needs to be made product mature.

The ugly — Is there any? That's where you come in. I would like to invite you all to have a look. Do you see any major issues? Does it cover the use cases for your next app?

Okay, show me!

Have a look here:

If you spot any issues or have any concerns, please file those over at the isue tracker.

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